About Astrology

“Astrology” the word says ”Astro” means the position of celestial stars in the belief that they have an influence on course of natural earthy occurrences and human affairs. It is not only the influence of stars on human but also the belief of humans in stars. It gives the prediction or indication of your future situation and gives you mental relaxation or bliss to mind for all the questions rising in your mind for any situation.

What is the need of astrology?

Humans have tendency to know their future and to some steps to prevent misfortune. And there astrology came into picture and people easily dive into astrology, palmistry, face reading, black magic and much more. Western astrology inherits most of it’s from ancient Mesopotamia (Persia) and has been refined through Greco-Roman mythology with a healthy add-on of medieval alchemy thrown in for good measure.

Astrological system is build up on some pillars. The pillars of astrology are:

  • Planetary System
  • Heavenly Bodies
  • Gravity
  • Radiation and Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • Precession of the Earth

Some people get a question in their mind that what is their zodiac sign? In which sign of the zodiac was Sun on his/her birth date?

We have answer to your question:

The zodiac signs are decided according to Sun in one’s birthdate. This zodiac signs are divided into 12 signs. And each zodiac sign are ruled by 12 constellations. Sun in one Zodiac signs resides for 30 days.

When astrologers prepare horoscope they study astronomical observations and scientific theory to compute the positions of the planets.

The geometric/angular relation between the celestial bodies and angles in the horoscope are determined, on the basis of the astrological aspects. Predictive astrology is based on astrological transits and astrological progressions. Whereas in astrological transits, astrologers try to interpret the current movements of the planets in terms of their significance. And in astrological progressions, they concentrate on advancing the horoscope, as per some set patterns. Rather than relying on close observation of celestial objects, astronomical data is being used by the astrologers of today.

Life is an adventurous ride and nothing is guaranteed. It is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. We experience this change every day and every moment we step out. Some changes are usual and acceptable and some are not. For the changes and forth coming changes in the future there are always questions in our mind. What will happen now? How can I overcome? This changes can be in any matter of life be it a career, education, marriage and all the things related to life.

And to all this questions in your mind astrology has the answers for your future or present situations or circumstances.

Though every question may not be answered or solved but there are solutions to every situations. And astrology has this solution for you to live a peaceful, charming and generous life.